Pan Am Canadian Table Tennis Gold medal hopefuls

張墨(Mo Zhang)﹕1989年1月7日出生於中國河北省石家莊市﹐6歲起開始打乒乓球,後進入汕頭體校接受乒乓球的訓練。張墨在13歲時跟隨父母移居溫哥華,為了成為職業乒乓球選手,特意到渥太華參加國家隊的訓練,還經常回中國參加訓練,又參加歐洲聯賽,積累了不少臨場參賽的經驗。


Below is the 2012 North American Cup final (held in Mississauga) between Mo and US star Ariel Hsing. Mo lost the 5th set in double deuce.

The next video is the recent 2015 ITTF North America Cup. Mo Zhang repeated her 2914 with a 4-1 win over Lily Zhang of USA and qualified for World Cup.

能保最佳狀態 王臻奪標最大關鍵

王臻(Eugene, Zhen Wang)﹕現是加拿大男子乒乓球代表隊的頭號種子選手,他在男子乒乓球運動員世界排行榜上位居第58名。1985年11月13日出生於中國河北石家莊市的王臻,未滿7歲時就已對乒乓球燃起了「狂熱」,10歲進入省隊接受專業訓練。他在2004年移居加拿大後將乒乓球運動轉為全職事業經營。他曾在2012年獲得聯邦移民部加快審批他的入籍申請,以便他能夠代表加拿大出戰倫敦奧運會。


Below video 2014 US Open Q/F shows Wang has blocks like our Allan Lee ! He was defending champion but lost to a better performing Japanese this time.

Happy swinging.

United We Play! / Jouons Unis! / ¡Unidos Jugamos!

3 thoughts on “Pan Am Canadian Table Tennis Gold medal hopefuls

    Disappointing results for the Canuks but a medals is a medal.

    During the women S/F team event, Canada put the strongest womon player 張墨(Mo Zhang) into first single and the double, hoping to avoid a swept by the powerful US team but to no avail. I had a bad feeling since then. 張墨 subsequently lost to Caroline Kumahara (Brazil) in her QF individual single game. Kumahara lost to eventual winner Wu 0-4 in S/F. Of note: Lin Gu (Converted Brazilian at age 12) beat the top 2 US women singles: ZHENG Jiaqi (4-2 in QF) & Lily Zhang (4-3 in S/F) before succumbing to the 3rd US player, an ex China National (until 2007) Jennifer Yue WU, in final game in 7 sets. Coaching made a difference in the final game. Wu is based in NJ and our Victor Tong was in the stand to see this game with me.

    We can only cheer for 王臻(Eugene, Zhen Wang) who came back from 1-3 down to force a final 7th set (losing by a smaller margin to Hugo CALDERANO in S/F, (a 19 year old with a huge wing span and officially listed at 6 feet but looks much taller on court), than the final championship game between Hugo and Wang’s old nemisis Gustavo TSUBOI. The draw was not in Eugene’s favour apparently.

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