About Us

We hope to keep a record of activities of our 11th Kowloon Group.
We hope our members send us photos and articles to build a good record.
We hope to provide a platform for us to continue the spirit of 11th Kowloon Group.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Hi Administrator,

    Nice to meet you. This is a remarkable site. I am Kenneth Wu (胡康杰) , F.5 graduate from WYK in 2007. I joined the Air Scout Troop since 2002. I am currently the Assistant Scout Leader (ASL) of VASU. I am impressed by your site and have been thinking about gathering all available history and stories about Wah Yan Air Scout Troop in a website or some sort of publication to introduce our troop to the public and as a celebration for anniversary of Wah Yan and our Troop. But I have no prior experience in publication. This is just my random thought. Yet, I look forward to collaborating with our seniors in documenting our proud history.

    As you may already know, WYK is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. There will be an Open Day in coming January 10 -11, 2015. As I was noticed about the exact date just a week ago, so there was not sufficient time to publish anything by the Open Day. But I can see that we can leverage Wah Yan’s 90th anniversary as a communication channel with all seniors and past students who have joined Air Scout during their times in Wah Yan. Let’s see how it goes about the publication or website. I believe our seniors and past students are very interested in the latest development of our troop.

    Feel free to let me know about your thoughts. I am more than happy to be a contact person and coordinator. I see the bonding between past students and current students can be further strengthened. You can find me through email via kennethwuhk@gmail.com or facebook: Kenneth HK Wu


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