《Christmas Group Camp 大環 Dec 27-29 1967》__ Leo Chu

Christmas Group Camp 大環 Dec 27-29 1967

The night was getting chilly, and the Campfire had long finished. At 2am I went out to do a camp inspection, making sure the tent ropes are tight, equipment properly stowed etc. There in the dead of night, I heard giggling and suppressed laughter, still.
From the Air Scouts area.
What on earth…and then the memory from a few hours ago at the Campfire came back, and I started laughing too.

One of the Campfire games was the 4 Troops taking turn coming up with a TV/Radio commercial, within 10 second of the last. We have survived 6 rounds by then, JrB had fouled out already, and every body was running out of ideas from memory.

Our turn – Nothing was coming up – 3 seconds left….
All of a sudden, Mike Chu (咪豬) from Falcon piped up:

“洗得靚, 叫救命, 慳屎又慳尿,
請用月老牌, 新奇洗衣粉…dumdumdum”

“FOULED !!” cried the Judge !

It didn’t matter, the Air Scouts probably never heard him.
The boys were twisting in uproarious laughter on the ground. Flat on their backs with a couple of kicking feet sticking up in the air.
To his credit, Mike Chu tried to defend his rendition, claiming it was his上海 accent.
The defense crumpled when he started laughing uncontrollably too, and the boys started pummeling him. 😀
The Camp Warden had to silence us so the game could continue.
Literally overnight, Mike became the AST’s 開心果.

They said laughter is good for your health, but loosing half a night’s sleep because of it ?
Hmmm…the boys seemed ok the next day. Mike was met with a big grin from everyone he ran into.
Maybe we did win, in a way.

( We found out later, that the commercial was actually “洗得靚,更潔白, 慳水又慳力”)

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