《Christmas Group Camp 大環 Dec 27-29 1967》__ Leo Chu

Christmas Group Camp 大環 Dec 27-29 1967

The night was getting chilly, and the Campfire had long finished. At 2am I went out to do a camp inspection, making sure the tent ropes are tight, equipment properly stowed etc. There in the dead of night, I heard giggling and suppressed laughter, still.
From the Air Scouts area.
What on earth…and then the memory from a few hours ago at the Campfire came back, and I started laughing too. Continue reading

《On this day, 50 years ago…》__Leo Chu

Leo_50yearsAgo  SeniorScout
This piece of green & gold taught me to stay focused, to look beyond the bends what possibilities may exist, reminded me time and again the resilience I can muster, and fortified me for the many ups and downs over the 50 year journey.
I remembered and kept the first promise I ever made on my honour, and stayed the course. Now in the autumn of my years, I came to realize what a profound influence it did cast, and what it is amongst a brotherhood I am privileged to be counted.
And by now I think I have earned the right to write my own epitaph :
“Dared to be different, independent, self-reliant, alone”
My dear friends, go forth, I hope you have as rewarding a journey in the years ahead.

first campfire…

(Re-posted from Fellows of 11th Kowloon – edited)

黄麖仔 Dec 1962campfire
X’mas Group Camp
Campfire !! first time for the new members of Antelope Junior B.
Long after the embers are out, the patrol back in the tent trying to sleep, smelling like smoked meat, the excitements lingered.
Lying between Robin and 飛機仔, whispering under the snores of Vincent our PL, we quietly hummed the newly learned camp songs, still amazed that 古惑佬 and 陸本强 were able to lit the huge fire with only 1 match and just saplings and wood shavings, others giggled at the silly skits and looked forward to the next one.
3am in the morning, 少爺仔decided he needed to pee, tripped over Henry Huang, fell on us and woke Vincent up.
Fifty two years ago.

Tonight, I heard the crackling fire all over again, watched the flames until they turned into embers just like 52 years ago, and was amazed that the memories of that night came flooding back.

6 hours, one cord of firewood, best $5 I’ve ever spent…and those fond memories that were tucked away somewhere, re-emerged again.

By the blazing council fire’s light,
We have met in fellowship tonight.
Round about the whispering trees
Guard our golden memories
And so before we close our eyes in sleep,
Let us pledge each other that we’ll keep
Scouting friendships strong and deep,
Till we meet again.

To be young then, in the seasons of plenty…….

Hong Kong Scout Association

CCPromotion_CN  72S_LeeKC copy
“The current Chief Commissioner Thomas 張智新 (5C ’69) and William 李家松 (’70 JA Scouter in the ’70) was appointed as Asst. Chief Commissioner in 2008.  William has been the Treasurer after his term of office of ACC.
Thomas was not a 11th Scout during the time at WYK, he joined the Seniors at 荃灣, and worked at the Fisheries Dept. In 2011, Donald Tsang (WYHK), who as 特首 and therefore Chief Scout of HK, appointed Thomas as CC.”