Charles Wat Hok Chung (’72) R.I.P.







Pius Lee writes, “Charles Wat Hok Chung (5C, Junior B, WYK  72) just passed away in Texas this morning, 20/04/2015, due to lung cancer.”

“Thanks for sharing the sad news. My condolences to the family.” ~ Johannes 李允能 (Chairman of Student Council, 1972) Cary, NC.

“May he RIP.” ~ Stephen Ng Tin Hoi

“He will be missed by all!” ~ Andrew Kam Cheung Lung

“Indeed bad news!”
Haven’t seen Wat since the early 70’s but the time we spent together in scouting was as vivid as yesterday’s happenings. When I was PL of Antelope, Wat was my Patrol Second and was thoroughly helpful. His big build rendered him always took up a lot more stuff… carrying the heavy canvas tent, bamboos, etc than other scouts in walking the 8-miles journeys… and many other fond memories.
Indeed miss him, and wish him peace and happiness in the kingdom of God.” ~
盲佬Vincent Au Kwok Chuen

“Sounds like he is in the same line of Junior B scouts we all belonged to …. condolences.
8 mile journey !  have not heard that term for over 40 years … yes  fond memories.” ~Fred Hsu Continue reading