《Christmas Group Camp 大環 Dec 27-29 1967》__ Leo Chu

Christmas Group Camp 大環 Dec 27-29 1967

The night was getting chilly, and the Campfire had long finished. At 2am I went out to do a camp inspection, making sure the tent ropes are tight, equipment properly stowed etc. There in the dead of night, I heard giggling and suppressed laughter, still.
From the Air Scouts area.
What on earth…and then the memory from a few hours ago at the Campfire came back, and I started laughing too. Continue reading




This is a joint effort of 4 former Scouts, two of them were 11th Kowloon, Tam Sheung Po and Henry Ku.  The other two are Louis Tam and Ho Wing Chiu.  Each one of us contributed a phrase or a line.