Young Henry Ku

Young Henry Ku 2 Senior Scout Nov 1953Presented to Royalty 

Here is a picture of me as a senior scout back in 1953 Sports Day.

In the first one, I was far too young for anyone but myself to be able to recognize me. Even Klaus who sent me the picture did not know I was in the picture. I put a red H on me. It was taken at Government House because 11th Kowloon won both the Carlton Trophy and the Prince of Wales Banner in the same year and was honored at Government House as the Governor’s Group. Big face.

The other one, unfortunately only shows my ass as I was presented to HRH Princess Alexandra as a representative of HK Scouts. Tam Po and Greg, I think, were there, too. We were trained personally by Henry Ma how to behave. Only dip our head as a bow, don’t put out your hand to shake until Royalty puts out hers, and don’t turn our back afterward but step back before turning and walking away.

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